Recycling Computers in the Lehigh Valley


Com-Cycle Inc
Address: 2330 26th St SW
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (866) 447-5177



AAA Computer & Electronic Recycling Inc
Address: 40 3rd St
Walnutport, Pa 18088
Phone:(610) 767-2577

Call for directions and hours.



Jontec Computer Surplus
Hellertown, PA
(610) 807-9213
Call for directions and hours


Before You Dispose of That Computer

We Reccomend hard drive destruction to ensure your data is not accessable

Protect yourself and your data. When selling, donating, or scrapping your old computers, be sure to remove all your personal or business data. If you leave any commercial software on the machine, you do not violate the software license's terms. For sales or donations, include all software and manuals being transferred with the computer, for legal purposes. If recycling, delete the entire hard drive. Recognize that files deleted by dragging them to the Windows or Macintosh trashcans, or via the Windows File Manager, can be easily recovered, via utility software. Use a secure file deletion utility to ensure the data can not be recovered. Norton Utilities' Wipe Info, for example, will securely delete files. Delete all storage media: hard drives, tapes, etc. that are going with the computer. Always back up your data first.